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Oatmeal Innovations

While our household has been enjoying more variety in our morning breakfast, I have remained quite content with my daily bowl of oatmeal. Perhaps this is because it is an inviting canvas for almost endless variations — especially if, like … Continue reading

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Tin-Baked Eggs

One of my housemates recently began declining breakfast, leaving his bowl of oatmeal untouched on the table, muttering only that he was tired. It wasn’t until one such morning, when he then scarfed down two slices of banana bread, that … Continue reading

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Stuffed Tomatoes with Summer Squash & Garbanzo Quinoa

Amazing how in the course of one week, we went from “Oh hey, looks like the first couple tomatoes are ripe,” to devoting hours to harvesting and processing tomatoes. And its only just beginning. One happy byproduct of seed saving … Continue reading

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