Stuffed Tomatoes with Summer Squash & Garbanzo Quinoa

Amazing how in the course of one week, we went from “Oh hey, looks like the first couple tomatoes are ripe,” to devoting hours to harvesting and processing tomatoes. And its only just beginning. One happy byproduct of seed saving are heaps and heaps of tomato halves, conveniently scooped of seeds and demanding to be used right away. Stuffing them seemed the obvious course of action. Made an improvised quinoa stuffing with sautéed summer squash and garlic scapes, garbanzos, fresh mint and basil, and a little salt and pepper. So good! Was originally planning to stick them in the oven for a bit after stuffing, but since the filling and the weather were already quite warm, I decided to serve them fresh instead. Alongside some roasted cauliflower (yay for fresh rosemary!) and green salad (yay for fresh dill!), made for a bright feast for the eyes and tastebuds alike!

I ended up chopping and freezing the next batch of tomatoes, and I’ve got my eyes set on making roasted tomato soup, but this may not be the last variation on this theme gracing our table this summer. There are certainly endless possibilities to explore!

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