Oat Crepes

These crepes were the love child of laziness and nostalgia. I wanted to free up a bucket so I didn’t have to bother with scrubbing out and drying a new one, but I had just a little more oat flour than would fit in the smaller bucket I had available. Then I remembered the fluffy oat crepes we made with campers my first week teaching at Slide Ranch, filled with berries fresh-picked from the trails. They were a lip-smacking success, and an inspiration for me of how rewarding cooking with children could be. I decided it was high time to enjoy these simple and delightful crepes again.

I ended up with 10 crepes — a bit smaller and thicker than restaurant fare, perhaps, but perfect for the three of us to each enjoy two crepes filled with scrambled egg and one for dessert, and the baby to nibble his way through one as well. I imagine this could be a great way to jazz up random odds and ends of leftovers as well. This recipe, adapted very slightly from ImagineGreatLiving, is definitely a keeper! It doesn’t get much quicker and simpler than this, especially if you have two pans going. Enjoy!

UPDATE (6/4/17): Couldn’t resist making these sourdough, of course, especially now that my starter has been on an oat flour diet for a while. Simply replaced half of the flour and half of the milk with a cup of starter… worked great, adding a delightful subtle twang to the mix.

Oat Flour Crepes
1 cup oat flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 eggs
1 cup milk of choice

Whisk ingredients together until smooth. Heat a skillet (or two) on medium heat and grease lightly, then spread 1/4 cup of batter into pan and swirl pan to spread before returning to heat. If you can’t get it all the way across the pan, don’t fret, it will still make a great crepe. Heat crepe until edges turn slightly golden and turn up, and it can be flipped, then let other side cook. (It doesn’t take long.) Repeat process until all the crepes are cooked, re-greasing the pan as necessary to prevent sticking. (I didn’t find regreasin necessary with nicely seasoned cast-iron.) Crepes can be reheated individually on the skillet just before serving. Spoon desired filling onto half of the crepe, fold over, and enjoy! Yum!

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