Savory Green Tomato Pie

Took down the ailing tomatoes, and salvaged all the green tomatoes I could for frying and pickling. Then I came across this intriguing recipe… quite possibly the most amazing way to enjoy green tomatoes I’ve found to date! We had just the right amount of green tomatoes left, but I can’t remember how many that was, and they varied in size anyhow. I’ve done my best to estimate.

Our homemade pie crust did not hold up well to pre-baking, dissolving into a puddle of butter at the bottom, but thankfully I had some extra dough I was able to use to patch the holes before I added the filling, and it still turned out just fine in the end.

Words fall short of describing how amazing this pie is. Thanks to WonkyWonderful for the brilliant recipe, which I have modified only slightly.

UPDATE (9/16/17): Made this again, with sourdough crust made with all-purpose flour, and a mix of kishk and uncooked polenta on top. I didn’t pre-bake the crust, since I was worried about all the butter melting away — worked out fine, but probably added another 20 minutes of baking it uncovered before it was clearly cooked and starting to brown a bit at the ages. Turned out REALLY good, worth the wait!

UPDATE (9/18/17): Still had leftover filling, so made it again, this time with a gluten-free sourdough crust (simply swapping in a gluten-free all purpose blend) and crushed tortilla chips as the topping. You know it’s good when I happily make it twice in the same week!

Savory Green Tomato Pie

1 unbaked pie crust
4-6 medium green tomatoes, sliced into rounds
1 onion, sliced into rounds
A few cloves of garlic, minced
Sprinkle of salt and pepper

2 tablespoons melted butter or oil
3/4 cups bread crumbs (I toasted a few bread scraps from the freezer and crumbled them with my hands)
A teaspoon or so of cayenne or paprika
Sprinkle salt and pepper

Sprinkle tomatoes with salt and let drain (I placed them in a colander and left them in the sink while I rolled out the crust.) Prebake pie crust for 7 minutes at 400°F, then remove from oven and layer with green tomatoes, and garlic. Top with salt and pepper, then spread over the top of the pie as evenly as possible. Cover with foil and bake at 400° for 40-50 minutes. Remove foil, cook 5 more minutes, until topping is golden brown. Allow to cool for 15 minutes before devouring… well worth the effort. Yum!

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