Christmas Salad with Pomegranate & Pan-fried Deviled Eggs

This year we decided to prepare our Christmas dinner “potluck” style, with each family member contributing a dish or two. My younger brother, the chef, went all out with German potato dumplings and brisket sauerbraten with rotkohl (red cabbage). My father baked a pan of cornbread, while my mother roasted romanesco cauliflower — the cutest, most stunning and delicious “Christmas trees” that have ever graced our table

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, how lovely are your fractals!

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, how lovely are your fractals!

I made turnips in maple sauce and a big green salad, topped with pomegranates and pan-fried eggs. Thanks to Shannon of Simply Cooking for the idea! And of course, for dessert, we had my mother’s wonderful pumpkin pie!

We sure love our vegetables!

We sure love our vegetables!

Despite our noblest efforts to stay out of each other’s way, we found ourself competeting for the counter and stovetop space by the end, hemmed in by a growing mound of dishes. Didn’t sit down for dinner until 10 at night. But it was worth it for one of the most delicious, hilarious, and memorable holidays yet. Merry Christmas!


Christmas Salad with Pomegranate & Pan Fried Eggs

4-8 hard boiled eggs

Mayo or olive oil, to taste

Mustard, to taste

Salt and pepper, to taste

Paprika, to taste

1 tablespoon minced parsley (optional)

Lettuce (or any salad greens)

Seeds from half of a large pomegranate

1/4 cup oil

1/8 cup red wine or apple cider vinegar

Cut eggs in half lengthwise and carefully scoop out the yolk. Mash yolk together with mayo or oil and mustard until smooth, then mix in salt and pepper, paprika, and parsley. Fill each egg cavity until level with the cut edge of the egg, then fry in oil cut-side down until crispy and golden brown. Whisk the remaining filling with oil and vinegar. Prepare a simple salad of greens and pomegranate seeds, top with eggs, and drizzle with dressing. An elegant and delicious twist on the classic deviled egg!

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