Fruit of our labors: summer veggie sauté over pasta

Never ceases to amaze me how sometimes the simple dishes I throw together on the fly turn out way better than the ones I plan far ahead for. Tonight’s dinner was a classic example. Chopped up some garlic, three eggplant, a squash, and sauteed them for several minutes while I chopped up a large tomato, threw it in, and cooked it several minutes more. After everything was soft and fragrant, I turned off the heat, topped it with some chopped basil and sprinkled on some salt and pepper, and spooned it onto pasta. Made enough for a delicious and surprisingly filling dinner for me, and a bowlful for another intern as well. Love the abundance of veggies in the garden! (Even if it is a little anxiety provoking at times trying to use it all up before it spoils.)

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