“Don Lucho” Salad

This salad was inspired by Laylita, who in turn was inspired by Don Lucho – a really cool blog I’ve got to check out more. Potato, beets, and avocado sliced onto lettuce is something I definitely want to do again. Still experimenting with dressings, since I don’t have a food processor or functioning blender.

UPDATE 8/22/2013: I didn’t have avocado today, but instead I made the salad with roasted beets and potatoes, and a couple sliced hard-boiled eggs. Topped it with a simple mustard vinagrette (mustard, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil) and found it an intriguing combination! This is a fun recipe to play around with! I also enjoyed a simple undressed salad of just greens and roasted beets and potatoes a few weeks back, which was also quite tasty.

A unique twist on salad

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