Beet relish

Inspired by the Cajun salmon and the veggies beckoning in the fridge, I figured I’d go with a Cajun style meal tonight. The beet relish, adapted from Real Cajun Recipes went wonderfully with the sautéed greens — first time the men were willing to try beets, and they seemed to like it! It did make my tongue tingle and sting a little, could just be because I burnt my tongue earlier today. Still, I think I’ll try cooking the beets some next time, if for no other reason than that they are extremely potent raw.  In fact, I just realized, the original recipe calls for canned beets, so that’s probably what was intended anyhow! The greens were a bit bitter, maybe because they’ve sat in the fridge for almost a week. I’ll have to remember to try to use greens sooner in the future.

Beet relish

3 beets

Sprinkle of sugar and salt

A few large splashes vinegar (I used apple cider)

3 large forkfuls horseradish

Boil beets until just begin to be tender. Rinse them in cold water, slip them from their skins, and grate them. Mix with rest of the ingredients, then let it all sit in the fridge and steep until you’re ready to use it! Makes a LOT, but it keeps well in the fridge and adds great color and flavor to salads and sandwiches (or hard-boiled eggs and meat I’m told) as well as greens!

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